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Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister molested Rhea Chakraborty after Becoming drunk: Lawyer

The legal team of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has promised a rift was created one of Rajput sisters following Dil Bechara celebrity’s sister Priyanka molested the Jalebi celebrity last year. Priyanka consumed copious amounts of alcohol and was behaving with men as well as girls at that celebration.

Therefore, Rhea insisted they return to the home of Sushant. Upon arriving, Sushant along with his sister continued drinking alcohol Rhea retired at night as she had a take the morning after.”
The attorney further declared that Rhea, who was annoyed in Sushant’s area, suddenly woke up to find that Priyanka was”groping” her. Then, the house was left by Rhea himself. Rhea advised concerning exactly what had transpired Sushant, and Sushant got into a debate with his sister concerning the same. That due to the aforesaid episode, the connection between Sushant’s family and Rhea was strained since inception.”

Maneshinde also mentioned that Rhea and Sushant started dating soon after assembly at a party hosted by the film fraternity at April 2019.
“Rhea and Sushant had understood each other over the previous several years as they were working from the Indian movie market. Rhea and Sushant had claimed a friendship and would communicate with each other. Back in April 2019, Rhea and Sushant had attended a celebration hosted by the film fraternity and soon thereafter they started communicating each other. Despite the fact that they spent a great deal of time in each other’s homes, they formally moved in together December 2019 and reside at Mount Blanc, Bandra, till Rhea left around the 8th of June 2020.”

Rhea’s lawyer also stated that prior to his demise on June 14, Sushant kept on trying to achieve his loved ones. “Sushant had been calling his family, informing them of his choice to move from Mumbai and requesting them to come and meet him. After a few days of Sushant yelling and calling over the phone, his sister Mitu agreed to come live with him. Because of this development, Sushant asked Rhea to live with her parents for now.

“Rhea was affected by her own nervousness issues and frequently endured panic attacks. Sushant’s behavior also aggravated these conditions. Even though Rhea was desirous of seeing her loved ones, she was not in any way familiar with departing Sushant. The same day, 8th June 2020, Rhea had ordered to have a treatment session of her own with Dr Susan Walker and requested Sushant if she would depart after the session. But, Sushant told her to leave immediately ahead of his sister Mitu came back.

Thus Rhea reluctantly left and educated Sushant to allow her or her brother know about anything he required or if he had to talk,” Manshinde maintained, as per IANS. “It is complete nonsense and also an afterthought to produce allegations after a span of 40 days, the way it has been produced before the Bihar Police. No allegations were created till 27th by anybody in the family before Mumbai Police or to some authority. Their statements have been recorded by authorities in Mumbai. They are educated and have an IPS officer OP Singh in the family. The allegations are completely concocted and fabricated for ulterior purposes”

“Rhea denies all allegations of abetment of suicide, misappropriation of money along with others or otherwise. The Enforcement Directorate and the Mumbai Police have now been passed over all Rhea’s financial files, which demonstrate the falsity of allegations. She has not received a transfer from Sushant’s accounts. Neither of them has discovered anything incriminating against,” Manshinde added.

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister molested Rhea Chakraborty after Becoming drunk: Lawyer

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